Parliamentary Debate: Volume 10, Issue 1

Table of Contents Pages
Title Page/Editorial Board Information
Espoused Values versus Evaluative Preference: Shaping the Future of the NPDA One Traditional Judge at a Time  (Audra R. Diers, University of Texas-Austin and Marty J. Birkholt, Creighton University) 1-23
Presumption and Defending the Status Quo in Intercollegiate Debate: An Exploratory Survey of Judge Perceptions in Parliamentary and CEDA/NDT Debate Formats.  (Skip Rutledge and G.L. Forward, Pt. Loma Nazarene University) 24-48
Report from the President  (Sharon Porter, Northern Arizona University) 49-50
The 2003 Final Round Transcript  (Univ. of Wyoming vs. Pacific Lutheran Univ.) 51-67
Judges Decisions 68-74