Parliamentary Debate: Volume 4, Issue 1

Table of Contents Pages
What About Research: How to be "Well Read"  (Susan B. Epstein, Univ. of Southern Colorado) 3-13
Sexual Harrassment: Policy or not, it is a value question  (Renea S. Gernant, Concordia Univ.) 14-22
Speaker of the House, the Opposition Will Argue: Preparing for the Opposition Case  (Trischa Knapp, Oregon State Univ.) 23-35
An Examination of the Counter Case in NPDA Debate  (Bonnie Stapleton and Marcus Paroske, Regis University) 36-46
Critique of the 1995 NPDA Final Round  (Shawnalee A. Whitney, Univ. of Alaska-Anchorage) 47-50