Parliamentary Debate: Volume 5, Issue 1

Table of Contents Pages
Specific Information: Marginalization and Detriment to Public Argument  (Jesse Gnehm, Willamette University) 1-9
Clash, Points and Motions: Bringing Parliamentary Procedure to Parliamentary Debate  (Michael Eaves and Carl Cates, Valdosta State University) 10-18
Judging as an Assessment of Symbolic Touch  (Jim Hanson and Matthew Johnson, Whitman College) 19-25
Parliamentary Debate: Where are we Headed?  (Skip Rutledge, Pt. Loma Nazarene University) 26-30
Reclaiming a Heritage: A Proposal for Rhetorically Grounded Academic Debate  (Michael Bartanen, Pacific Lutheran Univ. and David Frank, Univ. of Oregon) 31-54
Final Round Transcript 59-83
Final Round Decisions 84-94