Parliamentary Debate: Volume 6, Issue 1

Table of Contents Pages
"This Old House": Reform of Traditional Elements in National Parliamentary Debate Association Resolutions  (Scott Stroud, University of Pacific) 1-8
The State-of-the-Art Case Construction in Parliamentary Debate  (Susan Hellbusch and Jennifer Parker, Creighton University) 9-23
Government's Defense of the Status Quo: Advocating a Shift in Applying Presumption Theory in Intercollegiate Parliamentary Debate  (Skip Rutledge, Point Loma Nazarene University) 24-45
Truth Objections and Parliamentary Debate: Assessing the Truism and the Tautology  (Ryan K. Clark and Brian R. McGee, Texas Tech University) 46-65
Points of Information from the President’s Podium  (Skip Rutledge, Point Loma Nazarene University) 66-70
Are We Having Fun Yet? A Debater’s Guide to Happiness  (Gary Gillespie, Northwest College) 71-79
Final Round Decisions 86-96