Parliamentary Debate: Volume 7, Issue 1

Table of Contents Pages
I Like Your Suit But You’re Too Confrontational  (Susan Hellbusch and Jennifer Parker, Creighton University) 1-11
"On that Point, Madame Speaker!" A Critical Examination of the Use of Points of Personal Privilege and Points of Order in Parliamentary Debate  (Kevin Jones, Azusa Pacific University) 12-22
The Influence the Nature of the Resolution May Have on Win/Loss Ratios in Parliamentary Debate  (Renea Gernant and Kristy Waterman, Concordia University) 23-30
Women in Parliamentary Debate: An Examination of Women's Performance at the National Parliamentary Debate Association’s National Tournament  (Michelle A. Mazur, University of Hawaii-Manoa) 31-36
Notes from the President  (Tom Kuster, Bethany Lutheran College) 37-38
Final Round Decisions 45-52