Parliamentary Debate: Volume 8, Issue 1

Table of Contents Pages
Ethics in Action in NPDA Debate: A Philosophical and Pragmatic Analysis of Macroscopic and Microscopic Elements of Lying in Parliamentary Debate  (Skip Rutledge, Pt. Loma Nazarene University) 1-23
Resolutions of Fact: A Critique of Traditional Typology in Parliamentary Debate  (Geoffrey W. Brodak and Matthew Taylor, California State University-Long Beach) 24-34
Debate – A Way of Training for Success  (Simona Mazilu, Mihai Viteazul High School, Ploiesti, Romania) 35-41
Taking Steps from Denver 2001: A Report from the President  (Tom Kuster, Bethany Lutheran College) 43-44
The Final Round Decisions 46-52