Parliamentary Debate: Volume 9, Issue 1

Table of Contents Pages
Realizing the Treasured Values of NPDA Parliamentary Debate  (Tom Kuster, Bethany Lutheran College) 55-66
Innovation and Assessment in Forensics: Format Diversity for Sustainability  (Shawn Batt, University of the Pacific) 67-80
From Jurisdiction to Narration: Standards for Topicality in Parliamentary Debate  (Matthew Taylor and Joseph Anderson, California State University-Long Beach) 81-91
The Evolution of Parliamentary Debate: A Content Analysis of NPDA Judging Philosophies 1999-2002  (Brian S. Amsden, Truman State University) 92-100
No-Topic Debating in Parliamentary Debate: Student and Critic Reactions  (C. Thomas Preston, University of Missouri-St. Louis) 101-126